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Chandrayaan 3 – New Hope of India

July 14th 2023 – the day for which almost entire India is awaiting. It seems to be another normal day in our lives but it is the day for which huge investments were made, including more than just money. The day is going to help rekindle the hope which had collapsed on 22nd July, 2019.

When Chandrayaan 2 failed in its last few seconds of its landing, the entire nation was saddened. Many questioned whether an investment this large was necessary in this field? Everyone believed it was a huge blow for the scientist who worked on this project with great hope and determination. However, the same scientists have come back stronger with Chandrayaan 3 in just 3 years’ time.

Chandrayaan 3 is all set for its launch on 14th July 2023 from SDSC-SHAR. It has improved technologies implemented in its design to ensure soft landing, which was the reason for the failure of its predecessor. It comprises of a lander and rover but not an orbiter, it will use the orbiter of its predecessor which will be used for communication and terrain mapping. The budget of the Chandrayaan 3 is 650 crores (less than that of Adhipurush).

Chandrayaan-3's propulsion module will house an instrument called 'Spectro-Polarimetry of Habitable Planet Earth' (SHAPE). This instrument will analyse Earth's spectrum to generate data on habitable exoplanets, contributing to the study of exoplanetary habitability and the search for potential life beyond our Solar System. Based on the lessons learned from Chandrayaan-2, Chandrayaan-3 incorporates "lander hazard detection & avoidance cameras" to assist in coordination with the orbiter and mission control during the lander's descent to the lunar surface.

Chandrayaan-3 will feature two such cameras compared to the single camera on its predecessor. Failure is an unlikely event, but overcoming failures makes a person successful. It is an important lesson that ISRO teaches us. In our journey towards our goal, we will come across many obstacles, failures and hurdles, but we shouldn’t get disheartened by them. If we keep on striving towards our goal with strong grit and determination, nothing can stop us from achieving our goal.

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