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The Library Speaks

Established in 1978, I have been a permanent fixture in an ever changing landscape of the university. Nestled amongst the trees on the eastern side of the campus, I am perhaps one of the most important buildings on campus. Who am I? Yeah, you guessed it right! I am the Anna University Library.

Situated right across the sports ground, my shaded interiors often provide respite from the blazing hot sun. My plain exterior does little justice to the wealth of information I possess. I serve a variety of purposes - ranging from reading to rendezvous. Be it a quick nap or an all-nighter, students visit me for different reasons. I possess a wide range of characteristics - right form the old-world smell of books to the latest in electronic media.  I hold thousands of books of various genres ranging from classical volumes to science fiction. Need to view the Feynman lectures? No problem! You can visit me right away!

Open for most of the day, I receive a lot of visitors every day. I am most popular during the examination season. My air-conditioned reading room is especially popular among students. I maintain silence so that the information in me speaks for itself. I have seen it all - right from the pre-exam stress to the post-exam euphoria. I have changed the thought process and mindsets of numerous people! I have been a sanctuary, a workplace and a nurturing environment for many people. I am not just a place for books; I’m also the veritable hub of social connections.  Many a relationship has blossomed in my corridors!

For every student who loves libraries, there is a story about what the library means to him or her. Many a young inquisitive freshman who spent time here has graduated a learned and complete student. There was once a freshman who was too poor to buy the course textbooks. He spent a lot of time here absorbing copious amounts of knowledge from the resources I provided him. Eventually, he graduated top of the class. Today, he is a well-known entrepreneur. He decided to contribute to the library that made him the man he is today. It has helped many others in the same position.

The famous author Carlos María Domínguez once said “To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books.”

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