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The Human Brain

The human brain is no doubt an anatomical marvel. Compared to our ape ancestors, our brains aren't as big. Our brains have shrunken throughout evolution and we have developed characteristic wrinkles and folds to maximize our storage space, which makes each of us as unique as possible.

Who we are, in a philosophical sense, is determined by the way our brain comprehends and records our experiences, thoughts and feelings. This is done in unfathomable ways by the inner workings of our brains’ chemistry.

The French philosopher René Descartes coined the statement “cogito, ergo sum”, which translates to "I think, therefore I am" to sum up what existence means. The total of human existence itself can be explained by the fact that we can think. Are our thinking and our knowledge limited by the size of our brains? Absolutely not. The best quality of the human brain is its ability to form infinite neural connections, enabling us to constantly change and adapt, which creates our defining trait, humanity.

When we absorb new information, increase our knowledge, we create links in our brain that can help us create entirely new thoughts and ideas. Even though so much of who we are is determined by our brain and our thoughts, the most exciting part of the brain is its ability to change, grow, and create. We become smarter by bombarding it with new information or using data collected from our senses to build upon experiences that make us better as people. Even making the decision to change and evolve is a marvel made possible by the human brain; one that’s on a higher level than that of any other organism we know of.

Our ability to think and articulate our thoughts is the greatest aspect of the human experience. These characteristics enable us to collaborate as a species, by finding comfort in our collective experiences, even though we may be isolated. Just like our brains, we have limitless potential for change. The only limits are the ones we think of on our own!

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