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Thambi- Movie Review

Cast: Karthi, Jyothika, Sathyaraj, Nikhila

Director: Jeethu Joseph

Music: Govind Vasantha


The movie revolves around a family that is finally reuniting with their lost son – who turns out to be a fraud and is actually not the actual son. The storyline keeps the audience at the edge of their seat with the suspense of whether the truth is ever uncovered and what follows.



This suspense-thriller movie begins with a father and daughter duo,played by Sathyaraj and Jyothika, deep in sorrow thinking about Jyothika’s brother, whom she affectionately calls thambi that they lost 15 years ago. Jyothika lives a miserable life rejecting marriage as she can’t stand the thought of getting married without her brother around. Meanwhile, Karthi is shown as a cheater in Goa who emotionally manipulates and cheats foreigners for money, one day he comes across a poster in the newspaper asking for Satyaraj’s son to come home. He then decides to pack his bags and go scheming to steal a summable amount from them. Sathyaraj is blinded by the joy of finding his son after all these years and welcomes Karthi into their home. Acting as the lost son, Karthi brings back the family’s happiness after 15 years and as time progresses he too gets emotionally attached to the family. Karthi starts considering the family’s’ problems as his own – due to which he faces a lot of issues and even receives death threats.

As an actor Karthi is a perfect male lead and captures the audience with his casual and comic acting. Sathyaraj as father and a politician did his part very well and Jyothika hits home with her matured acting as Karthi’s sister. Nikhila Vimal has a walk-in role as Karthi’s romantic interest. The scenes between Ashwanth(played by Rasukutty of super deluxe fame) and Karthi are a real delight to watch makes the first half of the movie quite enjoyable. Although the scenes were predictable, the first half was a great foundation for what was to come in the second half. The second half was a fast-paced thriller with large twists and much happening. The ultimate climax twist at the very end made this movie certainly worth a watch.

Every movie has some things it could’ve, and for Thambi it was the unnecessary romance scenes between Karthi and Nikhila and the songs which could’ve been much better. However, on the whole Director Jeethu Joseph delivers an engaging family oriented suspense thriller.  


Bottomline: With a storyline that leaves you guessing till the end, Thambi definitely keeps you engaged with its twists and turns.

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