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Tenet-movie review

Tenet is yet another mind-bending masterpiece of Nolan that is bound to keep viewers eyes glued to the screen for 2.5 hours straight. The fast-paced cinematography is so fast that, if you blink, you will end up missing a sequence. No matter how many summaries or diagrams you Google to understand the movie, it triggers the urge to watch it one more time to envision the end.

"What has happened, happened": this is the underlying theme of this movie. The story sets off with a false-flag terror attack at the Kiev Opera. The Protagonist, John David Washington, a CIA agent, is saved by a mysterious figure in black who kills a henchman with a bullet that travels backwards.

Astonished by this fact, he later learns that this bullet is just one of the inverted objects. This point is where the concept of time inversion comes into play. The secretive organization hires the main character to prevent the war between posterity and the present. This technology has the potential to hide anything in the future. Andrei Sator has spent his entire life gathering the Nine Parts of the Algorithm used in this technology. The Protagonist learns from Neil that the dealer of Plutonium 241 was Priya (Dimple Kapadia) from India. The plot twist unfolded when Sator's wife disclosed that he had cancer and wanted to end his life. Andrei's only thought at this point was that if he is going down, he is taking everyone with him.

Nolan has beautifully portrayed the relationship between the Protagonist and Neil, which railed the audience with goosebumps when Neil says, “For me, I think this is the end of a beautiful friendship”. 

Tenet is a mind-blowing science fiction film with many conspiracy theories tied to the central plot. Christopher Nolan's films are typically criticized for their complex concepts; however, Tenet's baffling storyline and startling film-craft deserve a standing ovation. When you experience the movie, the ideology gives a four-dimensional perspective thinking.


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