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Tamizh Padam 2.0 - Review

If we were to look into the thoughts of Video MCs on recent hits of Tamil Cinema, then it’s enough if we watch Tamizh Padam 2.

Shiva’s casual yet humor-laced acting and the director’s micro-detailed scenes are certainly a feast to the folks! The film, however has not succeeded in giving a full-fledged  entertainment to the audiences of all sorts. In a nutshell, the plot revolves around the undercover cop (at times funny; at times slightly serious) who attempts (in diverse ways) to defeat a dreaded gangster with whom he shared a connection from the past.

The overriding expectation about the film–the spoof scenes, those drolleries are certainly a comic delight to the general audience. We daresay, not all spoof scenes make the youngsters (obviously the category of people having an appreciable sense of humour and exposed to meme contents and parodies) roll into the aisles.

Now,it’s the time to talk about the storyline (Although its existence is being doubted by many). This story of a conflict between a cop and a villain is too modest, yet the screenplay portrays it exceptionally well. The spoof scenes are so strategically set up and the dialogues are cleverly written that they are in “vera-level sync” with the story. Not to mention that it seemed to be unnecessary in many places. Although the screenplay is appreciated for its outplay over the story, it is undeniable that time hung heavy during the second half. The film starts with a riot scene where police officer Shiva (Shiva) brings the uncontainable mutiny to an end in his own bizarre way. Right from Shiva’s entry  to the end of the movie, every scene was dedicated to trolling some movies. Even Hollywood movies have not been spared. The funniest spoofs were those of Ajith’s films (no offence), especially the climax. After the climax, the closing scene trolls the epic blockbuster – Bahubali! The spectrum of trolled movies is very broad! This sometimes brings out ‘mokkais’ and causes the audiences to occasionally use their phones to check for notifications. However, we here, do not intend to leak out the list of movies trolled in the movie. Simply because, the best part of watching Tamizh Padam 2 is figuring out which movie is being trolled in every scene. Some spoofs reveal themselves while some don’t. This game is worth the money you paid.

The role of the antagonist is extremely creative to be admired. He has been portrayed very fictitiously just to add an element of humour. Many characters are no less than the old mother of Sethu (Bobby Simha) in Jigarthanda. On the technical front, the background score of the movie is good but has nothing to do with making people laugh during the trolls. Cinematography has contributed a major part to the positives of the movie. The dialogues are really catchy. Dialogue delivery is an important aspect to be considered and it has been taken care of, really well.

In short, the film can entertain you once, surely. Do watch it! But not by buying costly tickets or by travelling to distant theatres. Miserably, I travelled 20 km and spent more than two hundred rupees to watch it! (No sympathy, please) Ensure that you don’t get tired (physically and/or mentally) after you reach home from the theatre. Happy watching peeps!

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