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Star Wars the Force Awakens review - Must Watch

Major Spoiler Alert

The movie starts off with the capture of Resistance fighter Poe by the daunting Kylo Ren of The First Order (yes, similar to The Empire), since Poe has much-needed information that can lead to the location of the famous Jedi Luke Skywalker, who seems to have vanished off the face of the galaxy. Finn (designated name FN-2187), a stormtrooper,  betrays the evil first order, and helps Poe escape from the clutches of the Dark Side, but unfortunately crash on the planet where we discover a new character, Rey.

And what happens next?



Watch and enjoy the rest of the movie yourself to find out the quest undertaken by the oppressed and brave to fight the Dark Side.

Positives in this movie are plenty, right from performances to visual effects and the music. Another one is that first-time watchers who haven’t seen the last six parts, will also understand this movie very well.

There weren't more than a couple negatives to speak of - the first being that much of the movie's plot seems borrowed from the original trilogy, and the second, of course, is how it always seems difficult for an entire army to shoot a handful of the main characters. For such a massive StarKiller base, eight times the size of the Death Star, it sure has a soft spot that is easy to destroy.

I personally felt the movie is the second best of all Star Wars movies; however, other fans may feel this is the best.

Worth the wait, worth the watch and worth the money you spend in theatres.

Another sequel is soon to be released in 2017.

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