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Saaho - Movie Review

Overview: Prabhas shines in this lengthy, humdrum and glossy thriller!

Genre: Action/Thriller

Director: Sujeeth

Cast: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Arun Vijay, Jackie Shroff, Chunkey Pandey, Lal and others

Music: Guru Randhawa, Tanishk Bagchi

Background Score: Ghibran

Cinematography: R. Madhie

Editor: Sreedar Prasad

Production: T-Series

Post the wondrous success of Baahubali, Prabhas is back with what has been extolled to be the “Biggest action thriller of Indian Cinema” - Saaho, which, with colossal expectations and a mammoth budget of 350 crores, hit the screens on 30th August. Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Arun Vijay, Chunkey Pandey, Lal, Mandira Bedi, Neil Nitin Mukesh make a very prominent cast ensemble andfurther fuel all expectations. But, does the film do justice to what it reckons? Is it worth the watch?

The almost 3 hour long story is about the baleful war between two groups of gangsters for the ultimate position of paramountcy, alongside police intervention and romance between the lead pair. Though set in Wagga City of Dubai, which is touted to be a ‘dangerous city of powerful gangsters’ with ‘state-of-the-art Police Force’, Mumbai and Austria also occupy a huge portion of the story.

Saaho has a stellar cast and crew encompassing the finest of theTelugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi film industry. Director Sujeeth has indeed taken up a mammoth task of helming the film, for almost 3 years. With Prabhas and Shraddha leading the pack, Arun Vijay, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Lal, Murli Sharma and Mandira Bedi have played pivotal roles. Chunkey Pandey and Mahesh Manjrekar play the baddies. Though comedy has very little place, Vennela Kishore’s scenes are a comedic relief between the intense screenplay.

The performance of the male lead - Prabhas is the biggest plus point of the film. Be it a stunt sequence or a romance scene, the star definitely knows how to ace it like a king. By giving 3 long years from his career for the film, he has delivered more than what the film requires and demands. The parachute jump, panther fight, bike chase are all moments when the audience falls for him. His character seems enigmatic till the end of the film and his body language just adds up to the mystery. The transition of his character and the way he has carried it certainly requires appreciation. After playing the Royal Baahubali, he wins as the dapper, captivating ‘Saaho’.

Though Shraddha Kapoor does not have much to contribute to the storyline, thanks to the director, she is in the frame for almost three-fourth of the film and does justice to her role as a tough police officer or as a pretty damsel in the melody. Chunkey Pandey, as the bad guy, does a mediocre job with dialogues that fatigue the audience. Arun Vijay as Iqbal is suave and stylish. Neil Nitin Mukesh has given his best and the cat and mouse chase in the first half between his character and that of Prabhas is engaging. Though on screen for a limited time, Jackie Shroff wins as ‘Roy’. Lal and Murli Sharma have done their best as well. The extravagant stunt sequences along with Prabhas’ screen presence form the biggest win of Saaho. The second half is flamboyant, exorbitant and glossy with dreamy love sequences and thrilling chases.

Cinematography is also on point with Cameraman Madhie acing his job.

The background music is engaging and adds to the suspense and thrill of the story. Songs like ‘Kadhal Psycho’ and ‘Bad Boy’ can get your feet tapping.

The almost 3 hour duration is probably the biggest flaw in Saaho. The editor could have chopped off a good 20 minutes to keep the film crisp and engaging. Songs like ‘Mazhaiyum Theeyum’ and ‘Unmai Edhu Poi Edhu’ can test your patience. Also, the love scenes between the lead pair looks too dreamy to be real. VFX is yet another drawback. VFX for petty things makes some scenes appear artificial and feigned. The film would’ve been an absolute blockbuster if not for these glitches.

Overall, Saaho is a ‘ One time watch’. It is entertaining and humdrum at the same time. Is it a good film? Of course!! But is it worth all the hype? Sadly no. Watch it if you are a fan of action and Prabhas.

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