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My First Love: Volleyball!

Everyone has a passion, a thing that keeps them going every day. When I was just ten years old, I had started playing volleyball. My father was my first coach. He used to teach and play with me during every summer vacation.

However, like all beginnings, this game was hard. As days passed by, my passion for this game made me practice harder and push my limits. I've participated in school-level tournaments and won prizes. Despite this success, I couldn't take it up to higher levels, since this isn't a single-player game. After my schooling when I stepped into this university, I was very much fascinated upon seeing the university grounds and the lighted courts. I fell in love with volleyball all over again, the moment I got into the court. I was welcomed by many new people, who soon turned out to be my well-wishers. I have to mention here, that above all, this team had members who protected each other no matter what! We strive hard and put in great efforts to bring up each other to higher levels in the game. This has moulded me from a sensitive person to a courageous girl who has learnt to accept many challenges. This has also taught me to handle tough situations and make the outcomes as fruitful as possible. Many a time I've considered giving up this game, but, in return, it only taught me how to deal with failure and criticism.

I have learnt the following as a sportsperson, so far: 

 ▪ The courage to accept failure.

 ▪ A strong will-power.

 ▪ And a determined mind

After all, it was rightly said that the harder the battle is fought, the sweeter the victory will be.

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