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Mu Sigma – A Pioneer in Decision Sciences

As a student at Chennai’s prestigious Anna University, Dhiraj Rajaram was asked by his professor what he would like to be if not an engineer. His prompt reply was "A chef." Though he has since set up a very successful decision sciences company — Mu Sigma, Dhiraj still finds time to pursue his love for cooking. Mu Sigma is the largest pure-play decision science company in the world. A former consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, Rajaram was 28 when he started Mu Sigma with personal savings of $200,000 almost two decades ago.    

The company is a pioneer in Decision Science and helps over 140 Fortune 500 clients take effective decisions using data and analytics. Over the past 18 years, the company has nurtured young engineering talent in India and developed over 14,000 leaders in the industry. From highly-specialized industries like oil and natural gas to competitive sectors like banking and pharma – Mu Sigma's team of talented leaders transform businesses every single day.      

The lifeline of Mu Sigma is its people. Young, adventurous, and nurtured to take on big challenges. Mu Sigmans are a class apart and are highly valued in the Big Data industry. Many of them go on to become entrepreneurs, and consultants and play significant leadership roles in Mu Sigma and other prominent organizations. They become this way because of the unique culture of Mu Sigma, one that fosters learning, experimentation and sharing of knowledge at the core of its culture.      

Decision scientists don’t exist, we make them. While growing up, you were rewarded for finding the right answers – not for asking the right questions. You were most likely trained in an individual discipline – seeking expertise. As a result, data analytics companies have a shortage of the right analytical talent required to deal with today’s complexity. Hence, we follow an interdisciplinary approach to coach our decision scientist on data-driven behavioral analytics, financial analytics, big data analytics software, business decisions and much more. We wrap them in the bionics of our analytical processes and platform and apply them to a cross-industry client base. What results is a holistic man-machine ecosystem. 

Whether it's Streamlining Airlines Operations with Predictive Maintenance, Decoding Consumer Behavior using Agent-Based Modeling or Fraud Detection for Insurance Companies - Mu Sigma can do this because it has developed a proprietary and advanced framework for representing business problems and molding a unique approach that accelerates deep analysis and improved decision making. 

Life at Mu Sigma is organized chaos, a cauldron of curious, young minds looking to unbox the world of decision sciences. The space bubbles with an infectious energy that sparks creative interactions and helps innovative ideas blossom and become a reality.

The world can keep changing, problems can keep evolving, and businesses can keep transforming. The new art of problem-solving is Mu Sigma contribution towards making this process manageable.

 To know more  about one of India’s first Unicorns, one of the companies that defined an industry and influenced the evolution of Decision Science in the world, visit mu-sigma.com  or send your resume to talent.acquisition@mu-sigma.com

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