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Movie Review: Acham Yenbadhu Madamayada

Much before its official release, the movie Acham Yenbadhu Madamayada generated much hype with the STR-GVM-ARR combo and some viral songs such as ‘Thalli Pogadhey’. Here are a few thoughts after watching the movie in the very first week of its blockbuster release.

In short, the entire movie is a narrative of the hero’s past incidents. Simbu’s character in the movie is visualised as a cool, protective and emotional person. He looks stylish through the lens of Don McArthur and Gautham Menon's Direction. To speak about Manjima Mohan, she is sure to generate a major fan base among youngsters, as she captures the hearts of the viewers. A road trip on a bike with a loved one is the ultimate dream for young travellers and the Director has showcased it aptly. Slowly, you realise that the movie is more about the background music since Simbu’s character doesn’t stand out.

The track of the story takes its diversion in the interval block. The movie talks about the philosophy that everyone must be prepared to face unfavourable situations in life. The song “Thalli Pogadhey” was placed at an unpredictable but fitting part of the movie. The songs in this movie don’t seem to lag the story behind and rather, travel with the story. As far as the BGM is concerned, it is a masterpiece by Rahman. As with all GVM movies, the dialogues also leave a mark. In terms of cinematography, Don McArthur has done some good work with the visuals. Apart from the protagonists, most of the movie's cast doesn’t have much screen space. However, Satish (Mahesh) doesn’t fail to give a good impression.

The second part of the movie, where the thrills begin, exhibits the hero as a common man more than in the mold of a stereotypical hero. The antagonist role played by Baba Sehgal puts up a  decent performance. The chemistry between Simbu and Manjima Mohan is poetic in its nature combined with the script and GVM’s vision proves it once again in the screen. The movie has a decent runtime which doesn’t cause your feet to itch. As a hard-core fan of Gautham Vasudev Menon, I personally enjoyed this movie as a visual treat. However, although this film took years for its release, it didn’t fail to entertain the audience. Though there are quite a few logical errors, this movie becomes a good watch in a theatre which is worth your hard earned bank-exchanged money.


A typical GVM style movie brought to life with Simbu's acting, Manjima Mohan’s screen presence, ARR’s musical offerings and poetic dialogues, although with a climax that doesn't match up to your expectations.

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