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KO 2 - REALLY???

The title has been used only for marketing purposes, but in reality, it is definitely not a sequel to Ko.

Let's get straight into the review.

Kumaran(Bobby Simha) kidnaps the Chief Minister Yogeshwar(Prakash Raj) and it breaks into riots. Kumaran’s demands keep on changing every minute, and the police and the public create a ruckus everywhere, and the journalists(one of them Priyadharshini(Nikki Galrani), the most active one), spread different types of news and keep the public ticking. Why is the CM kidnapped? What are Kumaran’s demands? Bala Saravanan( a minister’s son in the film) has a connection with the CM indirectly. What will be the final result? Who is the reason for the kidnapping?

How these questions are answered with many twists and turns form the crux of the story.

Debutant director Sarath has done a good job in executing a political plot, with the upcoming elections in mind, in such a manner that no controversy arises.

Bobby Simha and Nikki Galrani are good as journalists, and the dialogues between Simha and Prakash Raj keep the viewers on the edge of their seats constantly. Ilavarasu (the actual villain) is at his usual best. Leon James also does a good job with his music and background score.

The main positive of this film is the DIALOGUES. Every political film has a good dialogue writer, and this film surely has it. Bakkiram Sankar and Raja Ram have done a good job.

The negatives are the comedy tracks in the first half and the songs, even some love portions in the first half seem draggy.

Overall, forget Ko and enjoy this movie which is titled Ko - 2.

A good movie with a good message being shared, but if you think of Ko and go, you will be disappointed.

Rating: 3/5 (would have been more if the title had not been Ko - 2).

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