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K! - The Inside Story - Workshops Team

The world is transforming into a technology driven one and keeping ourselves updated is extremely important. The Workshops team ensures that this technology reaches the students. A twenty minute talk with workshops K!ore  Sai Pranay, Keerthana, Lakshmi Narayanan and Kumarappan made us realize how important their team is to CTF.

What is the motive behind conducting every workshop?

Our aim is to provide participants with a learning experience. Apart from International conferences, workshops are the only place where you will get hands on experience with the advancements in the tech world. Students will become technically sound in their respective areas of interest and can prepare themselves for their future endeavours.

How do you get the ideas for all the workshops?

We constantly keep updating ourselves to the current trend. We always choose topics which haven’t been done before and so far we have done a good job. The third year students also come forward with their ideas and if it’s feasible we accept it.

What are the problems that you usually face?

It is impossible for all the CTF teams to operate at the same rate and at the same time. So when there is a bit of lag with one or more teams it reflects on all of us. Also during the day of the workshops, the problems that we face are mainly session delays and participant registration errors.

You are all from different departments. Does that affect your team’s result?

We really do not feel that way because we have organized workshops before and in fact we had previously organized a tiresome one which helped us to understand how we would react under difficult situations. CTF is one big family, we have had our own ups and downs but nothing is personal.

Do you divide the work amongst your team?

No, we do not divide the work. All of us are aware of what work has to be done to generate a successful outcome. So even if one of us is occupied the other three can take care. A good understanding of each other helps us to accomplish the tasks without dividing the work.

How do you keep up the expectations of the participants?

We have an agenda to never repeat workshops that were conducted in the previous years. One of the reasons why we are successful is because every year we produce something new for the participants and ensure that the mistakes committed earlier are not made. Our main motive is to equip the participants with knowledge. Even if a workshop is lucrative, we would not consider it if it does not impart knowledge.

Would you say that K 15’s workshops are going to be better than last year?

By saying “We strive to make Kurukshetra better than before” we mean that the mistakes made previously will be completely omitted. As we said earlier we always try to do something new. This time we are conducting fourteen workshops which is three more than last year. The technical concepts used will be a bit more advanced and the components used are in sync with the current technology.

How has the CTF experience been?

We joined CTF out of our own interest because we love doing the work. We all share one common notion i.e. we realized that Kurukshetra is a Techno-management festival of very large magnitude and we want to make it even better than before. It’s important to reciprocate for what the college has offered to us and CTF is a good platform to do so.

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