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K! - The Inside Story - Hospitality Team

Vinitha of Biomedical, Divya of CSE,Kathiresh of Mechanical and Sai Kumar of Biomedical form the core of the Hospitality team of this year’s Kurukshetra. One can easily observe how genial and enthusiastic this gang is just by spending a few minutes with them.
How does your team contribute to Kurukshetra?
The first thing a participant does when s/he enters the college is register with us for K! To get involved in an event or workshop they get its details from our info-desk. After its over, they get their certificates from us and at the end of the day take a good night’s sleep in the accommodation provided by us. So clearly, we’re always with the participants from the beginning to the end making their time in CEG a smooth sail. Also, we ensure that all are guests are taken good care of.

How do the second and third years take part in your team?
The Hospitality team, currently, has 20 third years and 74 second years. During Kurukshetra, the juniors do all the work while we supervise the entire functioning of our team. We’ve been training them for K! from November. Robotics event and Quiz were organised by the CTF for which the juniors undertook registration and got some firsthand experience.

Have you adopted any new approach to marketing this year?
‘Autorickshaw Partner’ is something we have introduced this year. We have collaborated with autorickshaw drivers to pick up the participants in and around Chennai, say Koyambedu bus stand. This is the first time a college is going to try such a collaboration.

Once the results are declared, how does the Hospitality team manage to get the certificates ready so soon?
Once the Events team finalize the results, it reaches the info-desk which displays it. The list of the winners next goes to the Certificate team which write down the winners’ names and get the certificates signed by the Dean. The entire process takes not more than 30 minutes. The workshops certificates are prepared in a similar way.

What other teams do you coordinate with?
We coordinate with the Tech team. They have made the registration app for the three kinds of K! Participants: school students, college students and corporate. There is an info-desk app which the participants can use instead of approaching the info-desk directly, also a result app which gets the data from event organizers and displays the results. The Tech team helps us set our info-desk too. The Events and Workshop team coordinate with us to prepare the certificates and declare the results.

Have you ever faced some peculiar requests from our guests?
We always take care of their stay’s every intricate detail. A request, no matter how demanding or modest, it is our duty to take care of it. Once a guest who came for a 2 day workshop insisted that he was accommodated in the Woodlands hotel for 4 days and we did it. Many students demand that all of their friends be given the same room to stay and so we’ve had to order for numerous extra beds to make them comfortable.
How has your experience of working with the CTF been?
The four of us have been associated with the CTF for 3 years now and needless to say we have learnt a lot from it.  It has given us a feel of how the corporate world is like. Here we follow all the protocols (even to put up a poster!) and this has helped us understand the essence of professionalism.

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