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I++ Report

I++, a symposium conducted by the members of ISTA took place on 27th December and 28th December 2021. The symposium was inaugurated by the chief guest Mr.Balaji the Director of Hubstream (The associate sponsor of the symposium). 

On the second day, a workshop and several events were conducted. These events were both technical and non-technical to cater to the interest of all students university-wide.

One of such events which took place was the IT Department’s version of “Squid Game”. No need to worry, the students who lost are, well, alive. We checked. The event consisted of several mini-games such a Rock-Paper-Scissors, Dumb Charades and Red-light Green-light with a twist in which the students eagerly participated. 

Inside the department, a workshop on Unity XR was conducted by mentors from Scopic. There were also several coding events conducted in the labs of the department. The highlight of these coding events was their rewards. For events such as OSPC and Web Design, the first place winner was given an internship at Kuriyam. And for events such as Reverse Coding, Code Decode the first place winners were given a whooping cash prize of Rs.1000 and second place Rs. 500.

We interviewed several members from the board and volunteers. Amidst their hasty schedule they were still able to give an interview.

Thangaraj Sir 

(Treasurer of ISTA)

How long was the preparation for this I++ event?
The date was confirmed a week ago by the Dean. So we had about a week to prepare. And there was a bit of confusion whether it’d be conducted either online or offline. But after lots of conversation with the dean, everything was finalized by last Friday.
Were there any challenges you faced during the preparation?
No, actually, the entire event is organized every year by the students, not the faculty. So the faculty just monitors how the events are going on. We give out permission for certain things, like getting classrooms or approving financial budget for procuring things like that for that. Everything else will be taken care of by the final year students, assisted by third year volunteers.
What is your feedback on how it was conducted? Do you feel that they have done a better job than the previous years?
For the past year we didn't have any events because of covid. And this year I am the treasurer for the second time. The first time, I suppose I didn't involve much. But this time because of the students' enthusiasm, I’m happy to involve myself. The last time I didn't go to any classrooms or monitor any activities. But this time I'm going everywhere. I'm happy about the students coming forward.
What are your expectations for today's events? What do you think will come out of this?
Yesterday, I invited the sponsor, so the sponsor came as the chief guest, to come at any point of time today and have a look at all the events. The volunteers are doing great. In one or two rooms, there are more volunteers than the participants. Many events are going on, the students are participating in all, so they will finish off one by one and they will come to another event overall.
Overall are you happy with this year's ISTA and are you looking forward to working with them next year?
I had conducted interviews and selected the office bearers. I had a tough time selecting members. Everybody is good. After this we have ITRIX and I think ITRIX will do better than this. 

(Chairman of ISTA)
How were your preparations for the event? How long did it take and how was your experience in organising this? 

We started preparing for this about 15 days ago. Overall it has been a learning experience and we have tackled all the obstacles thrown at us. All the way from organising the events to getting permission, we have handled it all.

What are your expectations for this whole day? How's it going?
As per plan so far, it's going good. But I think we have a lot of work now and we'll be doing that.
Thank you.

(Co-Chairman of ISTA)

How long was the preparation for this event?
It was kind of hastily planned in the last minute, but we're happy that what we've put up so far. It’s been really good for the time we really had by then.
A company is giving an internship as a prize. How do you guys go about that? 
We had an office bearer by the name of Raghav, and he was handling the placements and also  guiding some of the red tag volunteers before he came in here. So he actually had a few contacts, and he was able to network through these companies and gain access to their marketing channels about how they can use another University as a platform to access talent and market their companies. And that was how it was initiated. And since then we made good progress there.
Thank you.



(Secretary of ISTA)
How was it preparing for this?

This is the first time that the gray tags are conducting by themselves. And I think they’ve done very well. In my opinion, this is one of the best I++ i’ve witnessed. The Brown Tags and Orange tags are very enthusiastic. 
Would you like to do something like this again next year? 
Yeah. Absolutely. My aim is to make everyone come together and make the upcoming events successful. 

Thank you.

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