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Darling Review

Darling is a horror comedy which hit the screens for Pongal. This movie is music director G.V. Prakash’s debut and despite being a low budget film, it has held its ground against the big guys.  The movie follows Kathir (G.V.Prakash), Kumaran (Bala Saravanan) and Nisha (Nikki Galrani) as they fulfill their last wishes before committing suicide. They are joined by Athisiya Raj (Karunas) and the four of them find themselves at a luxurious farm house where they decide to spend their final 3 days. But even among themselves there are other motives besides suicide which come into play. These plans fall through when they begin to get harassed by a vengeful ghost haunting the farm house.

The story barely has any depth, but maybe that’s how they intended it to be. GV Prakash is sullen and expressionless throughout the entire movie, either he was in character or he can’t act. The girl’s character is whiny and annoying, but does a respectable textbook ghost. The flashbacks are the worst. The music is nothing particularly memorable. Thankfully, the movie’s jokes don’t fall flat, and you will find yourself genuinely laughing on more than one occasion not to mention, the movie is laden with numerous references.

At the end of the day, the movie is labelled a comedy, and if you laughed watching the movie, that’s all that matters. So, the rest is forgiven. Watch it once, if only to understand the new spate of “Darling” based memes and jokes overtaking the internet.

Rating : 2/5

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