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Crackling Talent and Finesse at Theatron’s Thespiart

Theatron, the official theatre club of Anna University, staged their English and Tamil plays, Refund and ½ respectively, at CEG’s Tag Auditorium on 21st February. Both the plays were well received with positive feedback from the audience.

½, directed by Mukesh Ranganathan, narrated the story of a couple in a live-in relationship who rented out a portion of their home to two people at the same time, while the tenants were not aware of the shift-based rent. The play unfolds to reveal the fraud and shows the actions they take regarding the issue. The small cast did a splendid job portraying the characteristics and nuances associated with each role. The concept of a live-in-relationship was well incorporated and there was a diverse set of characters ranging from a strong and independent businesswoman to a sensitive, talkative and innocent young lady. To compensate for the minimal props, the characters had many costume changes. 

Refund was a witty play directed by Kaushik Venkatbairavan and KP Harish. There were many characters, each one having a unique and distinct role. The play was about how the management and staff of a school tackled the bizarre request of an alumna wanting a refund of her tuition fee. The headmaster, along with a few teachers, each with distinct personalities, joins hands to test the alumna and try their best to deceive the candidate. The room was filled with fits of laughter throughout the play thanks to the excellent performances by the actors.

The plays were staged at two slots: 5pm and 7pm. Tickets to the shows were sold out in no time and the packed auditorium was guffawing throughout, a mark of their grand success. The Theatron members exhibited an exemplary level of professionalism in the lighting, stage set-up, props, costume change, and other activities. This was particularly commendable considering the fact that a majority of the crew were first-year students. Overall, it was a great show put up by Theatron. 

The Guindy Times congratulates Theatron for their grand success with Thespiart and wishes them the best of luck for future endeavours. 

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