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India is a huge country with a plethora of people, diverse cultures and traditions and has always stood out for its intricate architectural designs and ancient monuments. Nothing has been left unturned, either by man or nature, that make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on its rounds. What forms our country and pushes us to stand united is the patriotic feeling every Indian has. Every citizen of India must remember that as an Indian he is not only entitled to rights in this country but also has certain duties.

Something that is expected, but often forgotten by human beings is to be courteous and caring towards other people. What most of us lack in this 'modern' high speed world are basic human values. We have become more selfish in our lifestyle, to a point that we do not even spend a minute in thinking about the problems in our society. 73 years have gone by with us only complaining about our country politics but not once have we ever thought about how we, the youth can revolutionize our nation?

We have to realize that it is our duty to transform this nation into a resplendent one. As citizens of this nation, we are responsible for our actions in this country. We have to follow the rules and regulations set by our legislature. From keeping our surroundings clean, which only takes an extra few seconds to throw litter into dustbins, to following the traffic rules- we hardly take the time to go out of our way and be better for the nation. We are moving at such a fast pace in our day to day life that even waiting for the red light to turn green annoys us so much. We have to be conscious and remember to cross only using the zebra-crossing and not climb over dividers which is extremely dangerous. Slopes have been given on the sides of the bus stop platform for those who are on wheelchairs to move but motorcyclists use that as a pathway to move forward and add on to the existing traffic-jam. It is our duty to respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others. We must pay income and other taxes honestly, and on time, to federal, state, and local authorities.

It is every citizen’s dream to see their country be one of the most glorious nations the world has seen. In order to make this dream come true we all have to play our parts righteously and question those who do not to try to make them understand its consequences. Everything depends on our perspective. The thought that ‘everyone is doing the same thing and why should I be the change' must be eradicated and that alone will influence the change for rapid growth in our country.

It is high time we understand the difference between human being and being human. Let us all be responsible Indian citizens and help build this nation into a bigger and better one!

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