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The Purpose of NOTA

Well, the heat of Lok Sabha polls are over and the new government has started working towards its goal, ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance'. One certain thing which everyone knows is that the Ruling Party came to the power with absolute majority. Yet, another flamboyant thing is by the number of votes then NOTA would have won in the Lok Sabha Elections'14.

Obviously, it is a welcome note that the Election Commission of India introduced NOTA as one of the option in the ballot box for the first time. It will force the political parties to project the right candidates in the nomination list. Even though NOTA didn't change the outcome of the election, it gives an option for the people to show their frustration against the candidates who are contesting in their constituencies or against the Government itself or whatever may be the case. Over 57 lakh NOTA votes were cast in the recent 16th Lok Shaba Elections which accounts for about 1.1% of the total votes cast. In some constituencies, NOTA had got more votes than the National Political Parties. It clearly indicates the need to analyze the reason behind those who polled NOTA votes.

Voters who don't wish to poll their votes to any of the candidates in their respective constituency can exercise NOTA.  But, Until the Government comes to know the reason behind the voters who opted for NOTA, the percentage of NOTA in India in the year X in the Lok Shaba Elections will merely be a general knowledge question in the UPSC or other civil service examinations. The Election Commission of India should provide a checklist with all possible options in the ballot box that lead them to press NOTA to know the reason behind the NOTA button being opted. The ECI should seriously look at this issue and if they introduce such similar system in the next Lok Shaba Elections, it will help the candidate who won in that particular constituency to take necessary steps to fulfill the needs of the people. Hope, this will fine-tune our Indian Democracy.

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