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The LaVar Ball Phenomenon

With all the allegations and issues that the league suffers, the NBA has never failed to provide the fans with an adequate amount of entertainment. For the past few years, the spotlight has been on Lavar Ball. The owner and CEO of the Big Baller Brand or the BBB has  changed the game, in terms of player management and endorsements. Using his own children as a railing, he has climbed his way to the top of this controversy and hatred.

Lavar has been at the receiving end of hateful criticism following the announcement that the first shoe of the company would be priced at $495 per pair. This came as a shock to everyone in the basketball community as the average price range of a signature Nike made basketball-shoe is only $150-$250. Using his platform, he not only endorsed his children, but he also questioned the “One and Done”rule  which NBA prospects have been following for decades. Those prospects who did not make it to a top-tier college were not selected for the draft. They were forced to enter into the G-league draft. The G-league draft is known to be unfair and partial towards the prospects. This has been the state of affairs for a very long time, within the league until Lavar Ball came around.


With the creation of the JBL (Junior Basketball League), he completely revolutionized the approach of the draft process. Lavar Ball started scouting recruits from all around the country and came up with enough players to start a league of his own. This was causing  a rift in the decision making of prospects who stood to earn more, from playing in the JBL in their first year, than they would in G-league. Within a short span of time, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) altered their rulebook which now allowed prospects to return to college if they were undrafted. A rule which had earlier been causing severe repercussions for students all around. The new rule allowed undrafted prospects to apply for the G-league draft straight out of high school. Each student is promised a signing bonus. The highest signing bonus would see students receiving as much as $125k and a year of development before they can enter the draft one year later. Arguments can be made that the FBI corruption trials on the NBA were a reason for this new rule. But readers and fans must understand that the NBA and NCAA have been under investigation for bribes and tampering for an extended period of time. It took the threat of a new franchise for the NBA and NCAA to react and finally take action.


An action whose spark was ignited by Lavar Ball. So, for all his antics, he actually did achieve something for someone other than his own family.



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