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The Cinema of Life

“All the World's a stage
And all the men and women merely players.“

-William Shakespeare

The world we live in and the cinema we watch and grow-everything is an illusion.Then, why is that the
world is not a mere cinematic spectacle, with exceptional plot points, coupled with proper
characterization and conceivable notions? This is the cinema of life.
First of all, Cinema is sheer reflection of life as we want us to be the characters we come across and
experience the kinds of situations that we witnessed there. We travel into the smaller sphere of cinema
and return back with those experiences, letting it make way into our routine. Sometimes cinema depicts
inspiring real-life scenarios too. So always there is an endless loop going on, where cinema influences
real-life and is influenced by reality as well.
So, what makes cinema and life equally interesting? Unpredictability.Even the most seemingly routine
and predictable life can have its own twists and turns. A man may be just working from nine to five
every day, which makes his life seem so simple and predictable. But the events that unfold during this
time can vary from day-to-day and could make life fraught with uncertainties, just as how in cinema,
there is an opening scene, predictions and twisted climax, adding an element of unpredictability.
So what actually happens when these so called expected plot points go haywire? What would happen if
the expected routine of travelling to and from the office in the above scenario is disrupted? Woke up
hastily in the morning and felt likely to stay in bed for another five minutes, but he couldn’t afford to,
since he had already been running late. And when he decided to get out of bed, he had realized that the
Government has declared that to be a holiday, would he had had not been on cloud nine that day?
When the routine changes, it may either surprise or astonish you, depending on how the consequences
turn out to be! What if you get to sleep for an unexpected two hours, when you longed just for five
more minutes, it creates a feeling of heavenly pleasure. What if you expected to leave on regular time
from office and instead were offered to work over time?Chaotic? Contrasting scenarios can be created
when the routine is interrupted!
Cinema is subjective and life is full of emotions but cinema runs on emotions too. And you cannot
connect with something that you are not able to feel.The kind of cinema that pleases some people may
not please the some other group of people, the reason of which could be the simple fact that they
couldn’t connect it with themselves. Similarly, you may not be able to understand someone’s ways of
life unless you experience their circumstances. But cinema attempts to bridge this gap and offers you
with a chance to widen your perspective about life.

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