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'TECH'NICALLY SOUND - In conversation with the Tech k!ores of CTF

Chatting with the official 'geeks' of CTF is definitely exciting. Here's an excerpt from the interview with the Tech k!oresSai Mageshvar and Neeharika Immaneni, where everything from the new strategies to the VR enabled website was discussed.

What is your team's strength, and did you split work among yourselves?

There is a good understanding among us. When issues are brought up, we co-ordinate well with each other and solve them easily. It's actually pretty fun and the strength does not really matter. We are actually pretty limited in number.

What were the hurdles you faced this year?

Owing to certain political issues, we started work a bit late. It was quite hectic to finish on time, but we managed to do it as a team. 

What's your role in Kurukshetra apart from being Tech k!ore?

I was a member of the audit team that worked to get ISO certification for Kurukshetra. After the online events, the Tech Team's workload reduced. We helped the marketing team and other teams as well.

What has been the contribution of Tech Team in online marketing?

We have created an app for mass mailing. It was interesting to come up with an online marketing strategy with our technical expertise. We worked day and night to make sure everything was carried out smoothly.

How long does it take to solve sudden technical issues?

It depends, whenever run-time errors and other urgent issues occur, we put in all our energy and time to solve such problems as soon as possible.

What are the new ideas your team has brought in this year?

We introduced a call-tracking app this year to solve unnecessary complications. We also created an app to track participant registration. There is also going to be a new event monitoring app this year which would help organizers post the results of the events immediately.

What was the most difficult online event you worked on and what made it difficult?

We split our work force for the online events. 'Sherlock' was slightly challenging. It wasn't in the Q&A format and the game-play was tough. Yet, the team managed the complications well.

What made you build a Virtual Reality enabled website this year?

We were planning to create something unique that could differentiate Kurukshetra’s website from that of other college fests.  That is when the VR idea was developed. We used a new framework that was released only a year back.

India’s first Virtual – enabled website for a college festival is a huge accomplishment in itself. Who played the key roles in developing the VR website?

Akil Adeshwar (final year, Tech Kore), Durai Sreenivasan (third year), and Jai Vishal (second year) shaped the VR website. While Durai and Akil worked on the coding, Jai Vishal helped them design the components.

What were the challenges in building a VR website?

It was a completely new concept. Hence there were no community-based support on what we were building.  We needed to design each component and implement it on our own. The challenge was that the 3D objects had to be created first, followed by implementation.

As K!ore members of the Tech team, how do you think aspirants should equip themselves?

Passion and commitment are important factors that are needed to be a part of the Tech team, contrary to the popular thought among students that they should have extraordinary technical skills.

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