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Remembering "Crazy" Mohan

Eminent Tamil writer and an extraordinary comedian, Mohan
Rangachari, fondly known by the sobriquet ‘Crazy’ Mohan,
which he acquired after his play ‘crazy thieves’ in Palavakkam,
has passed away on the 10th of June, 2019 following an acute
heart attack. His wittily humor-laced plays and one-liners have
left an indelible mark on our minds and it is heart-rending to
think of the fact that we have lost one of the greatest writers who
carved himself a unique identity in South Indian cinema.

He was an alumnus of College of Engineering, Guindy and
college provided a platform to improve his writing skills. It is
here that he started writing and won awards in various inter-
college competitions. Few years after working in engineering-
oriented job, he got himself into writing.

He started a drama troupe called ‘Crazy creations’ and wrote
plays along with his brother.Also he acted in these stage dramas.
His success on stage garnered attention from the film industry
and soon he received offers to write for both films and TV

His play "Chocolate Krishna" has been staged more than 500
times. Throughout his career he has worked with the very best
actors and directors in the entertainment industry. He had a
congenial relationship with actor Kamal Hassan, with whom he
has collaborated with on multiple occasions.

His work includes over 30 plays, 40 films and 100 short stories.
He has also produced many TV serials such as ‘Here is Crazy’
which ran for over 600 episodes. His work has earned him many
awards and worldwide recognition.

He is arguably one of the few writers who handled humor well
in Tamil cinema. His sharp wit and style of humor has endeared
him to the masses. Despite all the opportunities to act he
continued to be a writer. He had the habit of writing one venba
each day and has penned over 40000 venbas over his lifetime.

Whether you remember him for the dialogues he wrote or the
characters he portrayed in your favorite films or dramas, it is
without a doubt that his memory will live on through his work
for many years to come.

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