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Placement Parables 3 - Akshay Virmani

The placement process is the tail-end of an engineering student's time at college, and hence comes with anticipation for the next stage, as well as questions on how to tackle the sessions. To alleviate some of these doubts, as well as provide insight into how the success stories work. To that end, we talked to Akshay Virmani from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, who was recently placed at Hyundai Motor India Limited. Here is his experience:

Q1. What excites you about working at Hyundai?

A. For most of us pursuing the Mechanical branch, it is a dream to work for an automobile manufacturer, and it has always been my dream too. Hyundai excites me because it has a good reputation, and one of the best quality practices.

Q2. Can you tell me a little about the placement process at Hyundai, and how different it was from that of any other companies?

A. The first part of the process is the online test. It has a mix of aptitude, tech and then a psychometric test. A few weeks later was the next round, where the shortlisted candidates had to go through a group discussion. We were informed beforehand to prepare a small presentation "presenting ourselves" before we came for the GD. Post the GD, the shortlisted ones were asked to present. Then there was the usual HR round, technical round and the stress interview.

The presentation round was an odd thing. I've sat in quite a bunch of placements and have heard of some experiences too but have never heard of such a round.

Q3. And how were you able to tackle such a unique round?

A. Well, I had certain lighter moments in my presentation but I didn't make it unprofessional.                        

That, according to me, connected well [with the audience].

Q4. So what was your favourite part of the process?

A. The technical round. I had the longest interaction with the panel in this round. The panel was really kind in listening to my answers - they were also interestingly imparting new technology concepts, mainly about robotics, which was really intriguing.

Q5. How did you prepare for all this? And any tips on handling unexpected parts of the process, such as the presentation round?

A.  Aptitude prep is the usual way. As far as core concepts go, basics play a pivotal role. So prep is a gradual process.

As for handling unexpected parts- Confidence is the key. And also patience. Saying "I'm unsure/unaware" in places is not wrong.

A tidy and an organized resume is a good starting point.

Q6. And finally, what's one thing that most people sitting for placements tend to ignore, but really should pay attention to?

A. Enough resume copies.

I'm kidding.

To never lose hope. Cause there's always a better one coming next.


The Guindy Times extends our heartiest congratulations to Akshay, and wishes him the best of luck in pursuing a dream career at Hyundai.


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