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No Chicken For Dinner

The talk of the town continues to be the ban of the 118 mobile applications across the country with the Indian government having launched a second cyber surgical strike by banning more mobile applications with possible Chinese origin. This list included an all-time favourite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, aka PUBG. But what is so special about PUBG and why is the nation’s youth losing their sleep over this ban?

The reason PUBG became extremely popular was because of its accuracy in simulating a Battle Royale situation. Even though its main competitor, Call of Duty (Mobile) did come up with a BR format, PUBG hit the sweet spot by introducing features like different skins and guns. PUBG also introduced various maps so that the users would not get bored while playing the game. The 'Play-as-a-team' model complemented the gameplay allowing multi-player gaming. One could talk to their teammates, devise plans, and execute them in real-time, allowing many ardent gamers to bond through this game.

The ban on this popular game came as a shock, especially to those who had purchased the ‘Royal Pass’. Although alternatives like Call of Duty, Freefire, and the most recent Fau-G exist, many gamers are still finding it difficult to move on from PUBG.

But it is necessary that we look at this ban from a different point of view as well. There are always two sides to any coin, and as with anything else, one of our favourite games also had its pitfalls. The current generation in playing so much PUBG is yet to discover the plethora of gaming options available. Some argue citing that it is the most economical, which in fact is not true. Many other games deliver quality with a very low price point. The recent incident of a 17-year-old who spent 16-lakh rupees on PUBG in-game transactions, sheds light on both the expense and addiction that this game has brought upon us. In addition to this, games that portray violence and war, in the hands of young minds can cause more destruction than development in the long-term.

So, in conclusion, we can say that banning the game may have disappointed plenty of people. But even in adversity, it is important to see the good and accept that this too shall pass, and yet another game will take its rightful place in our phones and hearts.

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