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Moves that swayed the crowd! - Interview with Solomon Twisters

Saarang is the second oldest college festival in India, with students from various colleges, across the country participating every year. One of the most awaited nights in Saarang is the ‘Choreonite’, where dance teams from multiple colleges compete to put on the best show. The official dance team of Anna University, Solomon Twisters bagged first place this year in a momentous victory. We interviewed the final years of the team to know how much this victory means to them, and their plans for this competitive year.

Did you expect first place? How did you feel after the results were announced?

We were confident that we’ll win one of the spots, but it was quite shocking when they announced that we were placed first. It has been around 8 to 9 years since our college last won at Saarang, so, we are all really happy that we have made a significant change. Moreover, all our seniors came in to support us. The moment they announced our victory, the smiles plastered on their faces spoke volumes of their happiness.

What are your strategies for this year?

We decided not to follow any particular style this year. We incorporated urban routines into the choreography. We gave full importance to the songs and to dance according to the current trend. We worked hard, but also worked smart. There was no time to practice due to the cyclone and exams. Usually, we get a month before Saarang, but this time, we just had two weeks with 3 songs yet to be choreographed. We asked our choreographer to make the routines simpler and at the same time worthy of placing first. For the upcoming competitions, we’re trying to perfect the choreography.


You all have been in Twisters for around 3 years now. Talk about your experience being a part of the team.

Most of us joined Twisters back in 1st year without knowing much about hip-hop. We all learnt a lot in this journey with the team. More than a team, it’s about brotherhood. We’re a family and we find peace whenever we’re here, dancing. The same goes for all our seniors and juniors.


What are the problems you all face on campus, as Twisters?

Not many know who the Twisters are!( chuckles) The main problem we face here, is that we don’t get any support. If you take any other college, they are provided with transport and O.D. during competitions. We’re participating and winning competitions representing the college, not for ourselves. It’d be helpful in many ways if the college supported us.


What is your equation with the other college teams?

For the last few years, we never mingled much with other teams, and saw them as rivals. Since the last year, we have started getting along with them. Competition is always on our minds, but we never show it when we talk to them. We’re hoping for better friendships in the years to come.


What is unique about Twisters?

Anyone can be taught dance, but here we encourage respect and discipline. This is the first rule we teach our juniors. It helps us to solve problems easier. Coordination is another unique feature of our team.


Who has inspired you as individuals and as a team to dance and improve?

Our seniors are our main sources of  inspiration, no doubt about it.


Anyone you would like to specially thank for Saarang?

Our choreographer, Sundeep Cubeman. Though we put in a lot of demands towards the end, he came up with brilliant and easy routines, which was easy to adapt. We won because of our techniques and he’s the man behind it. Most of the credit goes to him alone. Thank you, anna!


The Guindy Times congratulates the Solomon Twisters, and extends its support and wishes for all of their upcoming competitions.  

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