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We are always looking for reason to celebrate. Kurukshetra is giving us one too many reasons. We met up with the Karnival team to get the latest scoop on the upcoming events! The organizers Lalitanjali Bondili and Hari Nattudurai give us an insight into what happens behind the scenes.

Why the need for a Karnival in a Technical fest?

There will be competitions and events happening round the clock, Karnival events serve as a stress relief. Also, events like air shows provide an opportunity for students to see how aero models are implemented up close. Fun and learning go hand in hand.

Rumour has to that Karnival is going to have its first ever laser tag?

Yes! We are expecting this to be a major crowd puller! A laser tag arena will be created in college, and the fee will also be subsidised.

How are the events scheduled?

Karnival events will be happening all throughout Kurukshetra with atleast one major event per day. Announcements will be made about the whereabouts of the events. We are trying to schedule the events to best fit in such a way that they do not clash with any other technical events.

Other than laser tag, what else can we expect this year?

We are very proud to have gotten the opportunity to demonstrate one of Indian military’s marvels, the ARJUN Tank at Kurukshetra. This impressive piece of vehicular artillery will be on display and demonstration throughout Kurukshetra. Sand art show is another event we are planning to have this year. We are bringing in a sand art specialist from Kolkata just for this. We are planning for an air show again. This time we have also added stunts along with the air show. We are also going to have a coin exhibition.

How has Karnival evolved over the years?   

Karnival events are relatively new in Kurukshetra. In 2010 Karnival was in the exhibition stage. It was renamed as Karnival in the 2011. In 2012, we had the Air show, laser light show etc. 2013 was a year of virtual reality and robotics. 2014 was full of cool events like magic show, 3-D painting and photo exhibition.

Every coin has two sides, now for the serious side. Funding?

Funding was quite difficult, we have to pay for the professionals to come here and perform. For laser tag we underwent a lot of negotiations on the pricing and its implementation in college.  

How is work distribution in the Karnival team?

We take care of the event planning and the juniors take care of logistics and materializing it. They are in contact with the performers and convey the logistics that they require. For example, the sand art requires a projector and a screen. Laser tag equipments on the other hand are all taken care of by the company itself. We will also get help from the other teams on the day of the event.

Shout outs?

Please participate and witness all the events! There is a good line up this year. Favourites like laser tag and air show are must-do!


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