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K! - The Inside Story - Contents Team

Contents team is one of the eighteen teams to be a part of Kurukshetra. With Kurukshetra just around the corner, we managed to get hold of the contents team during their busy schedule for a quick round of questions.

What is the role of the Contents team?

Kurukshetra can be represented to the world in two ways, design and the contents. It can be done through various mediums like posters, facebook posts and cutouts. We focus on writing the contents in such a way that it has to appeal to everyone reading it and make them feel interested about the post.  Another important responsibility of the contents team is to make sure that the Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with sponsors, stating the deliverables from our side and the deliverables from their side, does not have any loop holes or errors, since even a small mistake in the MoU can lead to an undesirable end result.

You mentioned that the design and the contents represent Kurukshetra to the world, so do the design team and the contents team work together?

That would be the ideal case since success of any major event depends on the collaboration of the design and the contents team. But unfortunately this is regular practice. Only when there is an important poster like the ones that have to be sent to UNESCO or the ones that have to be sent to the other colleges, the two team sit together, but in other cases where the primary aim is to create awareness within the college, the two team do not have to always meet up as the teams will have a lot of individual work, so it is not possible for the teams to work together always.

How do you divide your work?

We have two student directors for the contents team, one of us is a hostelite and the other a day scholar. Since most of the work takes place in the last minute, it is not possible for a day scholar to be around CTF the whole time. We have nine juniors in all. The main role of the juniors is to write the contents. It is a monotonous job, and therefore we have to keep them motivated.

How do you keep your juniors motivated?

We have divided them into four teams. We give them regular task and give them points according to their work. Then based on the points we reward them at the end of Kurukshetra. So in this the whole process becomes more interesting and competing, which we believe will produce better results.

What is the reward that you will give your juniors at the end of Kurukshetra?

This was not meant to be told out at this stage but anyway we can give you an insight. Most of the industrial relations, apart from funding, give some goodies as we call it. So we use that as a reward. The best team will be given a buffet at the Barbeque Nation. We would rather keep the other rewards, a secret.

How was the last year different from this year?

Last year, the work of the contents team wasn't just to make fancy quotes for the posters and check the MOUs. The extra time available was used to write and publish the book “CEG: A JOURNEY THROUGH TIME” which was a success. But since a lot of time was spent on this, the strain showed in the Kurukshetra work and hence this year we are primarily focused only on the Kurukshetra work.

What do you think is your best work?

It has to be God Speed, Sustainable Construction, but it is difficult to pick the best because it completely depends on the readers and the way they understand and comprehend it.

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