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It's Okay

Sometimes, it’s okay.

It’s okay to fail and to feel lost

In the hurdled pathway

That you are taking today.

‘Cause you never know,

You might reach the end,

Of this endless maze, this labyrinth

Of monotony you are stuck in.


People keep telling you

Not to give up.

Guess what? It’s true.

You shouldn’t, just like they say.

The seasons keep changing,

And even though your endurance

Might be waning,

Remember that, one day,

You will look back at your life

And recall the times

When hot turned to humid,

But you stopped trying

Just because you were wounded.


Even if you fall,

Bruises heal eventually,

But the right time and opportunities

Are once in a lifetime.

You are in your prime

So, keep on trying to get up,

And get through this endless maze

Which will have a happy ending.

If not today, then tomorrow,

If not tomorrow, even forever

Is okay.

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