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Interview with Manoj & Band @ Sangarsh’18



Manoj is a well-known and sought-after musician who regularly performs at various concerts. He is also known for his creation of many independent compositions. Manoj and his band performed at Sangarsh 2018 and The Guindy Times had an opportunity to interview Manoj after the event. Below are the excerpts from the interview.

1. Tell us about your band and the kind of music you guys are into.

We were a part of a semi-classical band. Today, our performances have a lot of Carnatic base along with some western music - more like a fusion.

2. How different is it playing at a concert like Sangarsh and playing in reality shows?

We personally prefer playing at concerts because of the electrifying audience. We get a lot of satisfaction after a concert. When we were students, we used to enjoy these kinds of concerts, so we know how the audience feels, especially the younger generation. While performing on television, there is always the fear of making mistakes.

3. Could you share your experience on working in national award-winning films like Kaaka Muttai?

I would really like to thank GV Sir (GV Prakash Kumar) for believing in a then-junior artist like me and giving me the chance. I would also like to thank Vikram Sarathy Sir as he was the one who brought me to GV Sir. From that point on, my career took off.

4. You have played for Yuvan Sir’s Concert, could you tell us about that?

We performed at 8 places in the US and it was a brilliant experience for all of us. Yuvan Sir knows the pulse of the youngsters and knows which song is to be played for whom. I learnt what professionalism is from him as I had the chance of working with him and a lot of other senior musicians.

5. What do you feel about Sangarsh?

Sangarsh is a beautiful initiative. A few years back I had come for Sangarsh, as part of another band. But this year, being here with my very own band is special to me and it was a memorable experience. We love performing anywhere, and even more so when we perform for a noble cause. We always relish performing at Sangarsh as we know it is for a good cause.

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