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Hyperstack Certificates

Colleges have become bursting at the seams with activity recently. College-hosted competitions have become so widespread and interactive, and cover a wide variety of subjects and topics. Students have become very interested in these competitions.

Besides being a fun activity and learning experience, these competitions are also attractive to students for the perks they give you. A resume packed with a lot of competition participation and wins is a lucrative addition, that shows that the student is adept at seizing opportunities and stepping out of their comfort zone.

However, when competitions were kept online, the certificates were still being made in an offline format. Making these certificates is a huge process, with many possibilities of errors being made too. It takes close to 40 hours to make around a thousand certificates, and all of it is menial jobs of adding different names and results of the participants.

The problem with this was twofold. The energy spent just to make simple, easily lost or forged documents was too high. Secondly, the effort put into making those certificates weren’t shown, and recognition for the efforts were non-existent.

Hyperstack stepped in here and solved all those problems in one shot. They decreased the time taken to make the certificates from 40 hours to just around 15 minutes. Additionally, fixing errors and updating information became super easy.

There was plenty of peace of mind provided by Hyperstack involving the security and privacy of the certificates as well. As each of the certificates made are saved in around twenty thousand nodes all over the globe, there’s close to zero chance of the data getting stolen or corrupted.

Furthermore, being blockchain verified gives documents and certificates a sense of professionalism and validity. As the United Nations has approved the validity of Blockchain based certificates globally, the certificates obtained by a student can be used anywhere, anytime with the credentials to back them up.

It also became super easy to share our achievements, as all of these Blockchain verified certificates can be stored in a digital wallet provided by Hyperstack. This can be shared easily with employers and interviewers, with all of our accomplishments and certificates present in the same space.

Apart from all the technical aspects, Hyperstack also made it easier to design our certificates. Armed with plenty of pre-existing designs, and an array of badges, stamps and seals, making a cool-looking digital poster has become super easy, even if one isn’t well-versed in the process.

The added support with popular designing apps like Canva, and easy shareability with social media like Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn made Hyperstack a gem in our lives. With their services, so much of time, effort and expenses were saved that was instead used to make our competitions better.

Physical certificates are now a thing of the past. Hyperstack has revolutionized the certificate generation process, so now students can benefit from saved time and secure certificates. Embrace the new with Hyperstack Credentials as we did, and transform those outdated traditional certificates to smart digital ones.

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