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Elon Reeve Musk : One of the greatest minds in history.


            An introduction? I am sure you’re thinking that I have gone insane. Obviously, he is a man who doesn't need an introduction. His track record, his vision, his innovation, his tweets (if you will) and more has rendered Elon Musk an icon of the entrepreneurship and invention. He has been continuously hitting the headlines because of his controversial tweets. So is he a man of invention or a man of controversy?


Early Life

          The 47-year-old South African, American and Canadian citizen was the victim of bullying in his school yet his interest towards technology was simply amazing that he learned to code by himself and made his first gaming software, Blaster. He had a rich enough father who was able to fund his ideas initially and despite being from a decently rich family he never lacked dedication and hard work. His interest in science made him pursue a bachelor’s science degree from Queen’s University in Canada. After dropping out from his doctorate program, Musk started coding with his brother for the payment site, PayPal which later blew up to be called the ‘PayPal mafia’ as most of the stakeholders of PayPal become successful in the forthcoming year. He hardly spent money on luxuries and used most of his hard earned money on technology and making the world a better place to live. They had only one computer and it had to be the server for PayPal in the morning. They used the same computer for coding at night. Most of the nights, the brothers spent sleeping on the couch and ate whatever they could afford at that time.


Cub grows to go wild

       Musk had been working hard to stabilize PayPal until he sold his stocks in PayPal in 2002. His stocks of 11% paid him a $170 million. His ‘never settle’ and ‘make the world a sustainable place’ attitude didn't let him spend his million on luxuries, rather he spent them on SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity worth 100, 50, 20 million dollars respectively. All are extremely successful and paid him exponentially. Today he is a billionaire worth $20 billion. His dedication towards making the world a sustainable place has taken off to great heights.

He dreamt of making humans an interplanetary species and that led to the spark for creating Space Exploration Technologies Corp., shortly and more commonly called SpaceX. It has led to creating heavy falcon rockets and his attempt to make a reusable launch vehicle has been successful for the first time in human history. Musk’s investment of $50 million in Tesla later helped him in acquiring the company and helped Tesla innovate better. He then led the company towards making electric cars of tier 1 quality. SolarCity started creating solar roofs and served as a monumental step towards using renewable energy consumption. Solar plates are now being created by SolarCity, where their full fletched production has begun. SolarCity is expected to power Tesla car batteries. SolarCity is also planning for the production of solar roofs now that would cost less than roofs used in buildings.



         You are probably wondering where in the world he gets so much time to manage so many companies and still be a visionary and profit from all those companies. His schedule requires a lot of hard work and daily flights between cities surely scramble his brain to some extent. That's probably why experts recommend getting a strong reason to pursue your goals; making the world a more sustainable place is Elon Musk’s goal. Although Musk has notably said a schedule like his is very dangerous for one's health, his desire is driving him to do wonders. So, of course, there is no surprise here that Elon Musk has been dubbed the ‘real-life Iron Man’ and to add fuel to the flame, Robert Downey Jr. actually did model his iconic portrayal of Iron Man in the movies after Elon Musk. (He even makes a cameo in Iron Man 2. Go, watch it again now).

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