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Being Politically ‘Correct’

The concept of a free society used to be a mass of people who would feel free to say what they feel and the people around them living their own life. Culture has changed a lot of our fundamental reactions to topics and it has an immense spectrum of gain and bane to our world.

This ‘Politically Correct’ movement was initially a fight against those individuals who seek to speak very freely with no care for who may it offend. It suggested being aware that you live in an impacting society susceptible to any sort of dramatization or need to get involved. The First Wave of this mass movement was very successful, shutting out negativity and it was all about bringing down hate speech. This moment achieved its exact middle ground in the spectrum of benefit.

What is the spectrum? You may ask. We are all aware that almost every debatable topic as its own boon or banes. Sections of people get attached to each extreme and to satisfy everyone you need to achieve the ‘sweet spot’ as we also refer to as a middle ground these days.

After the success of the First Wave of this movement, with time a term began to be thrown around a lot. This term was called a “Social Justice Warrior” or SJW’s. Initially, this term was associated as a heroic term or such, but with time the extremism became radical as they began to alter who were people who needed to be scrutinized.

People began to get tired of these SJW’s because of the increase of many minor cases where the topic in discussion was completely pushed out of context. With time, society began to feel agendas were pushed for minor inconveniences and this was becoming a growing concern for the majority. SJW had now officially become a term used in a pejorative sense.

There was an extreme in one side who always want to scrutinize somebody for saying anything offensive, let it be dark humour, or expressing their  personal opinion in a free society and also another extreme side which extrudes immense negativity in mass scale, which is also interpreted as hate speech to many minority communities in society based on gender, race, sexual preference.

The moment has the right intentions but with people attempting to villainize others to seem heroic, or people speaking out harsh hate speech, which could lead to damage, it created a huge variety of reactions.

It’s very important to find the middle ground or the sweet spot as earlier mentioned when we deal with an impactful topic as such as the power of hate speech is very harmful, and at the same time villainizing and judging a person you might not fully understand based on extremely minor topic just adds more hate to the already mixed up scheme. Research and importance of factual points is a very huge plus and we must also be trained not to let other people’s personal opinion affect ours.

In conclusion, it’s important we understand to respect people’s personal opinion but learn to stop hate immediately. Talk about impactful issues in a diplomatic manner with no need to villainize the other person. We are all fighting for a better tomorrow.  

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