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Bardcore: The emotional blend

There seems to be a new music trend on YouTube. Well, it might sound astonishing to you. At first, it may just sound like you are listening to a soft ballad. The sounds of the mellifluous cello, the soothing violin, the mellow ukulele, the whirring flutes, and of course, the gentle drums will undoubtedly compel you. But when you listen closely, you might realize that you are listening to some of your favorite songs, just revamped a little.

Welcome to the world of Bardcore, 2020's latest internet phenomenon. It consists of all your favorite songs, with a medieval touch added to them. This transformation of well-known songs into something unique just amazes me. This weird yet wonderful genre enables the ability to interpret music differently, simply because it has been altered to the tastes of a different era.

This trend took off around April, thanks to the kids on Tik Tok and Instagram. It became uber-popular among everyone. It all started, when a YouTuber named Cornelius Link posted a medieval version of the viral song - Astronomia.  The way he transforms music is simply fascinating. According to a recent interview, Link describes his music as a 'trial and error' process. His instruments are both modern and medieval, making it real and virtual. He starts off, by breaking a song down and then determines what instrument fits into each part. He notes that acoustic songs are harder to cover because to feel like Bardcore, they need to sound distinct from the original version. But little did he know that one of his songs would pave the way for a new genre with almost every known song being modified.

At first, I was surprised by what I had heard. But after a while, I couldn’t get enough of it. As an avid lover of music and history, I love this trend. This shows how truly timeless music is and that it is never bound to the likes of anything. It also proves that the current theme is not all that different from its roots. It just shows that technology and instruments have evolved. A great song sounds lovely, no matter which era it may belong to. I hope this genre paves the way for people to explore their preferences in music and try something new.

Here are a few of my favorites, you should check them out too:






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