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Are Tiny Bots the Future?

Tiny robots! What comes to mind when you first hear these words? Do you imagine a teensy tiny human-like robot? Does the movie "Big Hero 6" come to mind? Or does the wit within you think about the tiny robot insects used by the military? Well, my friends, what if I told you, scientists have built a "Nanobot" that our naked eye can't even see? And what if I say they are the future? Well, get ready to have your minds blown because it's true!


We all know that the robotic industry has taken the world over in almost every industry. However, that era may be over soon. The next era is going to be overwhelmed with nanobots. They’re of size 10, raised to the negative ninth metre! They've been around for years but are only now being integrated into everyday technology. Nanotechnology is now flourishing in every sector, but at one point, it is to be used at its peak in the medical industry.


Scientists have created a nanobot to deliver your meds directly to the organ or part that needs it. This is called 'targeted delivery'. As of now, nanobots have been created to carry the specific drug placed in them to the target tissue via the bloodstream through a remote controlled by your physician, who is also trained to operate the bot. If scientists further perfect this technique and make it safe enough to be used in various other biological resources, this would be a milestone and the beginning of a new era in medicine. This would mainly benefit cancer patients, who go through severe agony by receiving injections with strong chemicals that scar their bodies and cause them to lose hair by radiation. Can you imagine the revolution nanobots would bring about to the world? 


But soon, they will be used in almost all industries, not excluding the clothing industry. Yes, those very tees and dresses we wear every day. They will become "smart" once nanobots are integrated into them. Clothes can become a screen and project pictures or even short videos. Not only that, but they could also protect us from ever-varying temperatures, harmful chemicals and gases, impacts, and a lot more. Amazing, isn't it!? This is just what nanorobots can do, but the application of nanotechnology is on a whole new level.


In the military, bio-nano sensors are used to deduct harmful chemicals present in the resources used by the armed forces. While it’s still under ongoing research, nanoparticles injected in the soldier's uniform could potentially camouflage them and protect them from danger. These injected nanoparticles can also serve as a secure communication thread, detect an injury, and cure them, or at the very least inform the respective authorities that immediate medical attention is required.


Aside from these fields, nanotechnology is used in the food industry for making healthier oil and chocolates. Safer alternatives for food using nano filters are in use, and bacterial activity is monitored and stopped or enhanced. In the airline industry, lighter yet stronger nanomaterials are utilised. In construction, safer and more economic ways can be introduced by using cement, steel, glass, wood, and other construction materials with nanomaterials. They could potentially detect cracks, water seepage, fire hazards and fires and other damages.


The list of nanotech applications is truly endless, with the only limit being our imagination. The above examples are only a few nano-sized drops in the ocean of potential applications. Extensive research is still continuing in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, to implement them in more ways in our day-to-day lives. I simply can't imagine what the future will look like with all these not-so-nano innovations and inventions!

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