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“An opportunity to relive the memorable college days” –CEGAM 3.0

Vish A Viswanathan - convener and Saravan Kumar – co-convener of CEGAM 3.0 talked with The Guindy Times about the upcoming two-day event that aims to bring the alumni of CEG across the globe to one place. Alumni Association of CEG (AACEG) is organizing CEGAM 3.0 (College of Engineering, Guindy – Global Alumni Meet) on July 21-22, 2018 at CEG, Chennai on the special occasion of the 225th year of our College.

GT: What is the upcoming event CEGAM 3.0 about?

AACEG: CEGAM 3.0 is the third edition of the Global Alumni meet of CEG. It’s an event to strengthen ties between our alumni, students and the institution. It provides an opportunity for the alumni to give back to their college and reconnect with the institution that played an important role in their lives.

GT: What is the main objective of this two-day event?

AACEG: The main objective is to raise funds from our alumni in order to provide hostel fees for the needy students. All the exceeds of the expenditure for this event would go to

•    Needy student fund (Help students pay their hostel fees).

•    CEG Alumni Incubator.

•    Career counseling.

GT: What is the motive of this event?

AACEG: Most of the students in CEG are originally from rural areas with economically weak background. Many are struggling to pay their hostel fees resulting in incompletion of their education. CEGAM helped 45 students last year by raising around 15 lakh rupees. This 225th year of CEG, we want to help more. This 2-day event is organized solely for this cause.

GT: What is the agenda of CEGAM 3.0?

AACEG: We expect around 300 alumni to attend this mega event. This helps in collaborating and signing MOUs which benefits students as well as CEG.

The agenda for the two days are as follows :

DAY 1:

    • Workshops on Micropreneurship conductor and Design Thinking.

    • CEG 225th year celebrations with VVIP from Government of India and Tamil Nadu.

    • Fund-raising and Networking Dinner at Alumni club, Adyar.

DAY 2:

  • Panel discussions with various eminent alumni speakers.

  • The event will be graced by  Dr. Raj Reddy (CEG 1958), Computer Scientist, Padma Bushan  & Turing Award winner; Dr. V. Balamurugan (CEG 1984), Director, CVRDE, DRDO, Chennai; and Mrs. Kamala Devi Subrahmanyan (CEG 1953), Superintending Engineer (Retd.) from All India Radio (AIR), who is one of the oldest women engineers produced by CEG.

GT: How can this meet benefit the current students of CEG?

AACEG: Through CEGAM, the association aims to bring in global expertise of its alumni and inspire the students.  Alumni Association of CEG has a strong online and social media presence. It wishes to keep the alumni informed with the growth of CEG and to help exchange of information and data among alumni.

GT: Thank you so much for this interview.

AACEG: Pleasure is all mine.

We thank AACEG for this one of a kind occasion and for their consistent efforts to help students and the institution by giving a platform to connect with eminent alumni. 

Register yourselves for the event at the Alumni centre.

Student leaders from all the clubs of CEG gathered during a meet organized by the CEGAM organizers to exchange ideas to make the event a huge success.


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