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Departments of the college in one line

Just like how every movie has a tagline, every department in our college deserves one too. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

P.S. : Do not feel bad if your department has not been featured. It is probably a good thing.











  • CSE: 

And you thought you couldn't get an arrear in lab

  • IT:

Because you weren't good enough for CSE

  • Mechanical:

Where guys fall in love with guys

  • ECE:

Keep thinking about hardware and software but end up nowhere

  • Material Science:

When you search for it all day and realise it's inside another department's building

  • Printing:

Open your own xerox kadai with an engineering degree

  • Agriculture:

Not sure whether to grow rice or wheat this year

  • AC Tech:

Wish I was in CEG

  • Pharma tech:

When the best company that comes for campus placement is Muthu Pharmacy

  • Bio-Med:

When you convince people for four years that you don’t belong to Bio-Tech. Or medicine.

  • Food tech:

When you have the opportunity to intern at the Canteen

  • Manufacturing:

Hi, I’m Sivaram, Manu.

Nice to know. I’m Aditya, Arsenal.

  • EEE:  

​Thambi, come fix this tube light.


This article was not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Written purely for fun. If you did get really offended, feel free to take it up with the authors.

The authors are two vetti pasanga who were former students of the college and by some miracle now work at Snapdeal and Zoho, and are mentor-mentee.

DISCLAIMER : The Guindy Times does not hold responsibility for any of the views expressed in this article.

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