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Chennai’s Monsoon Diaries

It’s that time of the year when the rest of India enjoys a romantic weather while we, Chennaites, curse the skies and carry on with our routine lives. Surprisingly, this year the clouds had a different idea - granting our wishes. To cater to 4 million people is never a joke. The rain gods have really made up their mind to give each individual his own share of the blessed water. With the Monsoon actually being a “Monsoon” this year, there are several new phenomena happening in and around the city.

Here are certain once in a lifetime miracles happening in Chennai about which we will all be nostalgic in the future:


Power cuts, we are used to them. But power cut + pitch black darkness in the daytime, well that’s a new combo for Chennai. This time, there is only a subtle difference between 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. No TV and no Wi-Fi made our generation to come out and spend time with people. “Enjoying the rain with hot coffee” is no more a fancy Facebook status update. Instead, it became a reality at least in some parts of the city.
















It’s not just Rose who can walk in knee deep waters - us too. The only difference is here it’s not a single person struggling but almost an entire locality walking in the water. Don’t get amused if you find slippers/vegetables floating around.

















With Ola cleverly making use of the opportunity for marketing purpose, commuters have started boarding boats to travel to offices and other places. Nobody has the power to stop the IT employees, not even the treacherous downpour.















“All schools and colleges are declared holiday tomorrow. Anna University Exams scheduled this week are postponed”- Happy to see this flash week after week! The Diwali holidays have extended for a whole month. This could have never ever happened without the rains.










Rains and holidays - this picture is incomplete without the man of the moment, Ramanan Sir. Whichever religion you may belong to, you are definitely a worshipper of Mr. Ramanan. A Government Employee who has turned into a celebrity, with all those Facebook memes and media interviews other than his usual weather forecast report, he is the thriving superstar of the students. I am sure if Ramanan walks in the street, there is going to be a crowd of youngsters surrounding him to take selfies!




















So next time, if you are going to pray to the gods for rains, please think twice! Chennai and Rain, definitely the worst partnership!


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