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Campaign Against Ill Effects of Alcohol Kickstarts at CEG

Jerlyn Sally

The Department of Prohibition and Excise, Government of Tamil Nadu, initiated their awareness campaign stressing the effects of the consumption of illicit alcohol at Tag Auditorium, CEG. The inaugural function was preceded by an awareness rally from the Main Entrance to the Tag Audi and the...


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ROCKYing lessons

Abraham John

Unlike our generation where the reel action heroes have superpowers and wear masks, (being a comic fan, I am not complaining) our previous generation had ordinary human beings doing extraordinary things on screen and gaining cult status.    Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Arnold...



Arunachalam Muruganantham - ‘The Menstrual Man’

Shreya Vaidyanathan, Ameesha Kaushal

In a society that is filled with stigma, myths and taboo especially around topics that concern women, Mr. A. Muruganantham has not only fought against the tide of social oppression but invented a product that helps improve women health and enables them to use this invention to make themselves a...


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Enough is Enough!

Shreya Vaidyanathan

Did you know that a girl gets raped every 20 minutes in India ? or that 94% of rape or abuse victims know their attacker ? Over the last couple of years, with the advent of media coverage and out pour on violence against women and sexual assault, we often feel like we have been fed with enough...


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Thoorigai - Integrating The Needy With Nourishers

Giridharan Raghu

Service manifests itself in several forms other than monetary help. This was evident in the launch of the official website of Thoorigai – Making Life Colourful, an initiative to integrate all the orphanages and old age homes in and around Chennai, organized by the Unit 5 of the National Service...