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'Branding is everything' - Talking to the Brand Relations Team's K!ores

Arun, Bhavishant, Gireshesh

Right around the corner of the biggest technical event held on campus, two final year students Sanduni Kodagoda and Srivibhav Lakshman - student directors of CTF's newest team - took some time to chat with us on their work and why it helps everyone. Here are the excerpts from the talk we had...


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In Conversation with Kirthi Jayakumar - India's Proud Trailblazer

Sevitha Balaji, Vijayavel

Ms. Kirthi Jayakumar was one of the esteemed Guest-Speakers at Kurukshetra'17. After delivering a revolutionary talk, this women's rights activist, social entrepreneur, writer and recipient of the US Presidential Services Medal in 2011 spoke to the Guindy Times about her remarkable...




Allijothi. R, Monisha Prakash, Mark Benjamin, Mary Jeana, Sri Vishnu

With just three days to go, the CTF workstations were bustling with acitivity. In the middle of all the action, three reporters from GT were trying to get a glimpse of what exactly happens in these k!ore teams. When we did manage to get them away from their laptop/cellphone cluttered...


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In Conversation With Abhas Mitra – The Man Who Threw Light On Black Holes!

Akshaya Raju, K.S.MOHANA MURUGAN, Madhumitha Sekar

The concept of “black holes” has never failed to captivate us, be it in movies like Interstellar or from the famous series like The Big Bang Theory anything with those few words catches our eyes. But what exactly are black holes, and do they really exist? K’16 takes the pleasure to introduce us...


K! 17 cover


Mathangi, Poojyatha, Lavanya, Naresh Krishnan

The Guindy Times interviews the 'Xceed and K!arnival' team of CTF, as the Kurukshetra kickstarted effectively. Q. Tell us about your team and your work strategies. A: Our team is very perseverant and hardworking. Fortunately every junior was technically strong to aid us in organizing an event...