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Dean speaks 1

Dean Speaks

Dr. P. Narayanasamy

It's been a pleasure to interact with the students over the past few months. In an effort to further reach out to the students, I felt it was a good idea to use the college magazine as a platform to comment and address the achievements of the students and the happenings in campus. Further I...


Day scholar

10 Reasons Why Being A Day Scholar Is Awesome

Namratha Munish

I'm pretty sure it is every students dream to experience the hostel life. Late night gossip sessions with my "roomie" and living the independent life was all I could dream of since forever. So when I found myself lying on the cold bed of our newly furnished home with my mom instead of bidding a...


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ROCKYing lessons

Abraham John

Unlike our generation where the reel action heroes have superpowers and wear masks, (being a comic fan, I am not complaining) our previous generation had ordinary human beings doing extraordinary things on screen and gaining cult status.    Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Arnold...


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Varunya Ilanghovan

                  Dear Dad,  We know how much we adore each other, through subtle gestures and warm hugs.  At this juncture in life, I want to tell you how much I cherish you and the man that you are, beyond the realms of fatherhood. Beyond being the only person I always look up to,...


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5 things you should try out in college this week

Siddharth S

1. Chill in the Maggi station The Maggi station which recently opened in the Knowledge park building is fast becoming one of the best spots to hangout in the campus. They have so many goodies to offer. Their menu includes cold coffee, hot chocolate and a wide range of sandwiches and Maggi, of...