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Inception movie

14 Movies which changed my perspective on the world

Rahul Vignesh

Movies are an integral part of our lifestyle, and mould us in different ways. We imitate our favourite characters’ body language, speech, beard, hairstyle and much more - be it good or bad. Furthermore, they have shaped our thoughts and habits - our attitudes. If you don’t agree with the power of...


Firni relishing dessert

Gastronomical Origins #2

Abraham John

  Food is typically known to be very specific to a region or religion in many parts of the world. This is even more relevant in a country like India of such diverse culture that it has also played a part in shaping the unique culinary delicacies to a great extent. One dish that has remained...


Coffee heart macro hd wallpaper

Why We Love Coffee:

Deeya Kashyap

Deeya’s Deductions #5 During the vacation, all I did was wake up late and while away precious time without much agenda, and that was all great, but now that we are back to our normal routine, I have come to realize that without consuming a dose of this elixir, namely ‘coffee’, my entire morning...



Internet’s Colour Pencils

Ashwini Velmurugan

Colour pencils were a bliss to everyone as toddlers. I found my eternal joy in filling my sketches with the colours of my choice, scribbling and doodling over existing pictures in magazines and newspapers to give a hilariously revamped look to the models staring back at you. Our creativity knew...



Diffidence and Diligence?

Shreya Vaidyanathan

Fierce #6               We would have all experienced this in class. Remember that time when your professor asked a trivial (yet tricky) question that most of us could have definitely attempted answering, yet, only that one outspoken girl or guy responded? Following this, your...