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In Conversation with Kirthi Jayakumar - India's Proud Trailblazer

Ms. Kirthi Jayakumar was one of the esteemed Guest-Speakers at Kurukshetra'17. After delivering a revolutionary talk, this women's rights activist, social entrepreneur, writer and recipient of the US Presidential Services Medal in 2011 spoke to the Guindy Times about her remarkable journey. What...

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Economizing Expenses – An Interview with the Finance Team

Our college just witnessed a successful edition of one of its most coveted fests- Kurukshetra. The reason for this could be attributed to various factors but one such core that requires due credit is the finance core for channelizing and mobilizing all the ideas of the other core departments. In thi...

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Meeting Mr Saji Thomas - the real engineer!

Isn't it incredible to know that a school drop-out, who can't hear or talk by birth, has built an aircraft from scratch, all by himself! Mr Saji Thomas, who braved all odds and achieved this feat, was the winner of the ‘Prodigious Engineer’ award at the inaugural edition of the K!arnival Awards at K...