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New Zealand vs Australia - Match Preview

When you sit down thinking of this clash between the biggies, you often wonder if this looks awkward, considering the fact that both hosts play each other in a group stage fixture, and this would certainly deprive Australia of their home advantage. Nevertheless, this mouthwatering clash between ...

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Dhoni’s Sudden Retirement gets Extreme Reactions

 A number of mourners were seen at an impromptu candle light vigil at Kotturpuram yesterday evening in honour of now former test Captain MS Dhoni. Tears were shed and many spoke of and remembered his greatest achievements on the field. “He was truly an inspiration to a whole new generation o...

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Diary entry of a retired celebrity

  Day 1Wake up late. No training, no practice, no work. I could get used to this. Anjali screams at Arjun “Don’t forget to take the lunch box to school again”. I open the papers to the headlines “Can Virat be the next Sachin?”. Fan column: “I thought Sachin would continue playing til...