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Let's Defend Ourselves

Ashwini Velmurugan

We all know that the world we are living in  is not all shy and nice. We can’t predict what is going to happen to us the very next moment, thanks to the speed in which we are living our lives. And we have very little time to master self defense which, by nature, is instilled in us, but just...


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An Interview with the Spartanz crew : Be passionate, be varied

Ashaa Vigashini

"Every success was once a dream With no path to follow With just curiosity in their minds and  passion in their hearts". It was only a small crew when Ananth and Jagadeesh formed "The Enthusiasts" in 2007 which later tranformed into the "Red Spartanz" because of the compliments given during...


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AUPD 2.0 - The Clash of Verbal Titans

Prem Sylvester

The debating extravaganza that was the AUPD 2.0 drew to an exciting finish in the Alumni Centre on the 23rd of March. Spanning four preliminary rounds over two days- March 21st and 22nd – the AUPD culminated with the semifinals and finals held on the 23rd. The event saw intense competition...


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Sangarsh 2015 : A Concert for a Cause

M.Ashaa Vigashini

For those ardent fans of music and 'masti', March 20th 2015 would have been a day to cherish. Sangarsh, the annual concert hosted by the Rotaract Club of CEG has been providing support to beneficiaries by organizing music concerts to raise funds since 2003. The day saw The Music Academy swarming...


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Review on Theatron's play Flooded

M. Ashaa Vigashini

If you were one among those who didn't get to watch the play "flooded" performed by theatron because of upcoming assessments, lab models and projects trust me that curse (or probably regret) will haunt you for quite a while.  If two hours of your time could change your scores then we all should...