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A Sip of Experience

A poem on my daily routine in the coffee hut:Couldn't distinguish cappuccino, latte or espressoAs they called it; and that's strong, light and black.All I knew is, mom's stuff is unnameable,Cause that's titrated with love.Coffee hut, dopes my stomach's voidFor a grant of the 'deer' n...

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FAQS-All You Need To Know About ANNA UNIVERSITY, Chennai - 25

Am I in the right place?Without any doubt, yes. Apart from all the academic guidance and opportunities this institution offers, Anna University is the best place to have fun and explore new ideas.Is our campus really that big?Our college is not as big as a particular IIT down the s...

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From that friendly lab assistant to those scary seniors, everyone has been telling you how things are going to change from the next semester onwards and how you’ll have to make sacrifices and be different. But no one ever tells you what that change is going to be and what you have to do to keep up. ...