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Movie Review - London Has Fallen

Pranov Murugesh

A good action-thriller movie keeps you tense, engaged and excited. A great action-thriller does all that and still makes you feel anxious long after you’ve left the theater. ‘London has fallen’, the sequel of 'Olympus has fallen', is one of the latest additions to the list of recent action...



Worth a watch in theater? Doubt it - kakapo!

Madhumitha Sekar

With more than a few choices at hand, I decided to bank on Nalan and Vijay Sethupathi to catch a glimpse of their new flick Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum(kakapo) and was I disappointed ? I am not sure yet. Kakapo is basically the official remake of a South Korean film “My Dear Desperado. ". But it has...


Theri tamil movie

Theri Review - Worth a Watch

Prasanna Balakrishnan

After the disaster PULI, Ilayathalapathy Vijay has gone back to his old style of acting in commercial films, which he gave to good effect in Thuppakki and Kaththi in recent times. Everyone’s hope was that this one does not bite the dust, even though it is in complete contrast to director Atlee’s...



From One Fan to Another

Thanvi Srikant

Let me honestly tell you that I am being shamelessly hedonistic as I weave words of flattery to describe a recent film of my favourite actor. Shah Rukh Khan. Naam toh suna hi hoga! I can almost hear a few of my readers shirk with apparent disgust that I am a big fan of an ‘aging’ actor who plays...



Ayushmaan Bhava, Vikram and Suriya!

Prasanna Balakrishnan

A new attempt by director Vikram Kumar, in the form of time-travel concepts, is surely a gamble. As Tamil film viewers are so used to witnessing commercial potboilers, Vikram Kumar wanted to present to the audience a deviation from the norm, executing his own take on time-travel.  He turned to...