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Komban- A Vintage Rural Drama

Praveen Muruganandam

     Karthi starrer Komban arrives amidst great media hype generated due to protests about communal violence in certain parts of the state. The film starts off with a typical panchayat scene where two heavyweights clash off for the post of Head of the village. Those who tend to oppose the richer...


Star wars the force awakens

Star Wars the Force Awakens review - Must Watch

Prasanna Balakrishnan

Major Spoiler Alert The movie starts off with the capture of Resistance fighter Poe by the daunting Kylo Ren of The First Order (yes, similar to The Empire), since Poe has much-needed information that can lead to the location of the famous Jedi Luke Skywalker, who seems to have vanished off the...


Ko 2

KO 2 - REALLY???

Prasanna Balakrishnan

The title has been used only for marketing purposes, but in reality, it is definitely not a sequel to Ko. Let's get straight into the review. Kumaran(Bobby Simha) kidnaps the Chief Minister Yogeshwar(Prakash Raj) and it breaks into riots. Kumaran’s demands keep on changing every minute, and the...


Dangal poster large listicle

Review: Dangal – a must-watch for every Indian

Akshaya Raju

It's not very often that a movie which contains nothing related to death or separation moves people to tears. Dangal is a miracle in its own right. A movie about an ex-wrestler who wants his daughters to win gold for the country - that's how Dangal can be defined in simple terms. However, what is...



TV Review: Fargo

Shyam Narayan

                    When your 90210/Gossip Girl fanatic girlfriend starts watching a show and 10 minutes later says she’s bored, you know that you’ve got a GREAT show in hand. Fargo is definitely one of that kind. Basedon true events, show runner Noah Fawleys FARGO is one of those...