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Student groups in college

Aahir Giri

Category 1: The nerd society of Anna University A typical student of this group would have got a cut-off anywhere between 199.25-200, would aim to get a very high GPA in his first semester (read 9.5+) and try to maintain it as he/she gains his/her foothold into the college. Sits in the first...


Lib front

The Library Speaks

Aditya Natarajan

Established in 1978, I have been a permanent fixture in an ever changing landscape of the university. Nestled amongst the trees on the eastern side of the campus, I am perhaps one of the most important buildings on campus. Who am I? Yeah, you guessed it right! I am the Anna University...



5 tips for exam preparation

Siddharth S

This week I wrote my last assessment of my engineering college life. *self five* Over the past 4 years, I have written several assessments and exams. And after a point, everything begins to look the same to me. I have passed some, aced some (ok maybe one or two) and failed some (ok maybe more...