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Ghosts of haircuts past

 "You'll look like Mickey Mouse! Trust me!", she said. As I sit in the saloon with my sister by my side, these eerie words from thirteen years ago come back to haunt me. From a very young age, the universe has taught me an integral lesson that I often choose to overlook. Never trust anybody ...

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It Speaks

Every building and every location in this campus has a reason or a purpose of sort. All them fancy departments, the gallery to hang around and hide that piece of cake from the rest of your classmates, the ATM to scrape the rock bottom of your empty account, the recharge shop for all the poor foo...

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Diary entry of a retired celebrity

  Day 1Wake up late. No training, no practice, no work. I could get used to this. Anjali screams at Arjun “Don’t forget to take the lunch box to school again”. I open the papers to the headlines “Can Virat be the next Sachin?”. Fan column: “I thought Sachin would continue playing til...