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The Library Speaks

Established in 1978, I have been a permanent fixture in an ever changing landscape of the university. Nestled amongst the trees on the eastern side of the campus, I am perhaps one of the most important buildings on campus. Who am I? Yeah, you guessed it right! I am the Anna University Library....

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Ready Steady Arrear

When I was a kid, the word ‘Arrear’ was synonymous to terror. Basically it was derived from those movies involving youth comedy and the way family members spoke of seniors in our bloodline getting arrears in the past and how disgraceful an act that was. When I joined the college, my mom said to me, ...

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Students Report Extreme Sluggishness after Extended Pongal Holidays

 Pongal, which this year fell right in the middle of the week, allowed students who didn’t mind taking two days off (almost everyone), an extended vacation! As a result, many ended up with more number of days off than the usual semester break! While such holidays are very relaxing, it is indeed quit...